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Nurture Provision

The principle aim of a nurture provision is to support children with additional social, emotional and mental health needs and is primarily focused on Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. Nurture provision provides short term, focused and inclusive intervention with the aim of equipping children with emotional and social resilience. Children who take part in this remain very much part of their class, whilst spending time in the nurture room, balancing core subject learning with interventions to meet their specific needs and break down barriers to learning.

We worked hard through the summer of 2020 to put together a bid to the local authority to secure funding to set up our own nurture provision. We are thrilled that we were successful with this and have been allocated £20,000 for building works at each site to develop what are currently our pastoral rooms! This money will be spent on building kitchens and sensory rooms as well as improving the carpets, blinds, lighting and storage in each room. We have many stages of planning to go through over the next term with the aim of having our nurture provision ready to go from September 2021. We plan to consult with our children throughout this to ensure it fully reflects their needs and interests. Although nurture provision focuses on the needs of pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1, we will continue to offer pastoral support for our Key Stage 2 pupils.

Keep an eye out on this page for exciting developments over the coming months!

We're excited to let you know that after a successful financial bid to the local authority, work has started to develop our current pastoral rooms in to Nurture Provision rooms.  Work is progressing quickly and we now have a designated kitchen and sensory room at the upper site with the lower site not far behind.  The next phase will be decorating, lighting and carpets.  Watch this space for further updates!