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Weekly Puzzle

Puzzle #2, for week ending 18th January 2019

Welcome to the second 'Puzzle of the Week'! We had 9 entries for last week's puzzle and only one correct answer! You have an excellent chance of being the puzzle winner this week.

Each week we will publish a new puzzle or problem for you to solve. The puzzles won't always have a maths theme: sometimes you'll be faced with word or picture problems.

You're welcome to get help from friends and family, or use the internet to help. Once you have worked out the answer, fill in the form below with your answer, name and class. 

One winner will be randomly drawn from all entries received and they will be presented with a certificate in assembly at the end of the week.

You can only submit your answer once - multiple entries will be removed from the draw. 

In the image below, what is the number of the parking space taken by the car?

Submit your answer!

Deadline for entries is Thursday 24th January 2019. Good luck!

Past puzzles

Puzzle #1 - Puzzler of the Week - Aaron Ewing (Y5)

The diagram below shows a rectangle placed on a grid of 1 cm × 1 cm squares.

What is the area of the rectangle in cm2?


The total area of the 8 × 8 grid in cm2 is 82 = 64.

The two larger triangles in the top left and bottom right corners of the grid make up a 5 × 5 square with area 25 cm2.

The two smaller triangles in the other corners of the grid make up a 3 × 3 square with area 9 cm2.

So the area of the rectangle, in cm2, 64 - 25 - 9 = 30.