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Time to update your app

8 June 2018 (by Steven Mayfield (Steven))

Sorry! A necessary update is required.

Webanywhere, who create and maintain our website and app, have been asked by Apple to no longer publish a separate app per school. Instead, they have created one app within which parents and carers can access their pupils' school information.

You may have had your app telling you that it is 'out of date' and that you need to reinstall. If you don't update, you will continue to receive info from school, but you will be consistently nagged to update.

To update, here's what to do:

  1. Open your app store/google play store and search 'School Jotter'.
  2. Download and install this new app.
  3. Search for Ash Green from within the new app.
  4. Use the new app as you would the old one.

You can now safely delete the old 'Ash Green School' app and use the 'School Jotter' app from now on.