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Thank you!

4 May 2018 (by Steven Mayfield (Steven))

The App is a success!

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote in the poll over on our Twitter feed. A resounding 95% of you said that you were happy to have it and/or feel it is really useful. We'll finding the best ways to communicate effectively with all our parents, carers and members of the wider community. Let us know if you have any suggestions as to how we could do even better. You will have noticed that you are receiving fewer SMS messages. This is due to the increased costs involved in subscribing to a text messaging service. While you will still continue to receive texts, much of what we once communicated to you through the service will now be found on the app. If you don't think we have your up-to-date telephone details in order to receive texts, please contact the school office at either site. Thanks for your continued support.